Saturday, October 8, 2011

Victoria Beckham Hairstyle

The bob has been a classic hairstyle for many years, but when Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham got her hair cut in this style, she completely reinvented it. These days its been nicknamed the "Pob", The Posh Bob.
The Pob takes the timeless bob and gets it a funky, trendy twist - its an angled bob, graduated at the back of the head with long, textured front layers.
What is so great about this style is it suits pretty much all faceshapes and hair types. It can be uniquely tailored to suit any facial features and hair type.
Victoria Beckham herself, has worn a few different varieties of the Pob over the years.
Short, Asymmetrical Pob

The front of the hairstyle shows off asymmetrical lengths and the right side is much longer then the left. The left side part has slight bangs which fall to the right where it blends into a longer length which goes down to chin level, giving the front of the hair length and also a feminine touch. A textured finish adds a piecey look and also a voluminous finish. The front of the hair is foiled with light and golden pieces which gives Victoria a sun kissed look, perfect for her new Hollywood location.

From the back, the style looks totally different then the front. From the back hairline the hair is graduated up with heavily chipped into ends which add a very textured but blending finish. From the crown to the top-back part of the neck the lengths are sliced to carry on a textured and full finish. At the very bottom to the mid back the color of the hair is a dark golden blonde, and from the crown to the mid back, the hair has blonde foils which have a piecey finish on top of the darker blonde.

Right Side
The right side is the feature side where the concaved effect is most prominent. The right sides length flows down with the jaw line, blending from short textured lengths to longer piecey strands at the very front. The right side shows that various blonde shades through the hair gives the hair a natural blonde finish. The longer pieces feature blonder highlights to help frame the longer pieces at the front.

Left Side
The left hand side has the graduating short textured lengths but the front has jaw line graduated length which sits neatly tucked behind the ears, leaving the right side to be the main feature with its longer length. The shorter side looks very natural, with the darker tone from the back showing at the very back sides and following up to lighter tones at the top where the blonde highlights give the hair a sun kissed finish.

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